[School Owner] How to add children on your admin dashboard using your phone?

Hello school owner in this tutorial I will show you how you can log into Whuppy.

1.  First you go to www.whuppy.co.za

2. You will then see this page

3. Click on menu bar as pointed by a black arrow as in the image below

4. After clicking the menu bar you will see as in the picture below. Then click on the “LOGIN” button in red

5. After clicking “LOGIN” button you see the following login page, where you add your login details

6. This is what you will see the following screen. Then click on the menu bar circled in red show below


7. You will see the following screen below then click on “Register Child” circled in red as in the picture below

8. After that you will see the form in which you can start registering children as shown below

9. Add the child details and then repeat steps 1-8 to add the next child.

Thank you. If you have any questions or need help from our support technicians please email: hello@whuppy.co.za or Whatsapp: 063 377 0819.





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