4 Ways Technology Can Make Your Preschool Or Childcare Business To Stand Out

The significance of technology today in the world is huge, such that preschools and child care businesses in South Africa have begun introducing suitable technological tools in their day-to-day operations with the aim of increasing enrollment and boosting parent satisfaction by 100%. From administrative tasks to learning activities, most of their work is carried out through preschool and child care software management systems such as Whuppy you can check out after reading through this article. In this article we are going to show you 4 ways technology can be used in your preschool or childcare business so that it can stand out from the competition.

1. Virtual Educational Games & Online Learning

We are seeing many preschools or childcare businesses in South Africa beginning to embrace technology in the new COVID-19 economy.  Online learning and virtual education games are being added in their curriculum since such such methods enable kids to learn faster and perform better on cognitive skills. For example virtual educational games tend to be more interactive and fun, and at the same time, allows for remote learning opportunities. Whuppy, regarded as one of the most loved child care app by owners, teachers & parents, easily facilitates excellent digital learning experiences. Teachers using Whuppy can easily share assignments, conduct quizzes, and plan the schedule of kids through its app. Further, the user-friendly interface of the app also allows for efficient evaluation of the kids’ performance.

 2. Parent – Teacher Communication

In this new COVID-19 economy it is important than ever for preschools and childcare businesses to communicate effectively with parents in order to  avoid confusion, build trust, and ensure safety.  Traditionally, parents used to have occasional meetings with teachers to learn about their child’s progress. However, technology adoption has led to more significant and more frequent interaction between teachers and parents. A recent survey showed that preschools or childcare businesses using technology  in parent-teacher communication enjoyed over 83% enrollment recommendations from parents.
Just as an example this is how our Whuppy Preschool Management System can help your preschool or childcare business improve Parent-Teacher commination:
  • Easily share updates throughout the day to build trust with concerned parents
  • Use photos and videos to share milestones & “WOW” moments and give parents peace of mind
  • Quickly alert parents in case of emergencies or last-minute updates
  •  Keep parents informed about any changes to your policies
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3. Streamlined Administration Tasks

A lot of preschool or childcare businesses in South Africa still manage their  admin tasks manually which requires a lot of printing resources and more importantly it is time consuming.  Whether it involves staff or children’s admin task, the documentation involved generally takes a lot of time. It does not have to be like that if your preschool or childcare business introduces technology.  Using our childcare management software Whuppy you can streamline your admin tasks as follows:
  • Easily create, automate and digitize daily progress reports and also share the day’s events with families in real-time sent directly to parents helping you save your precious time.
  • Does Lucy need new toiletries? Teachers don’t have to manually remind the parent to remember. With Whuppy they can make sure parents are kept in the loop with automatic reminders
  • Easily send automatic invoices and easily collect payments
  • Over 32 reports you can generate with a centralized database
  • For more click HERE

4. Simplified Enrollment and Support

Typically, the admission process at child care centers entailed many formalities and paperwork; the long queues are time-consuming. Owing to technological adaptation, the complete enrolment procedure has become error-free, time-saving, and structured. Our Whuppy childcare system utilizes a CRM system to manage admission-related inquiries, update the admission/waitlist status, display each child care program’s capacity, and customize admission applications as per the needs of kids and their parents. Thereon, the student records are transferred from the CRM system to the Whuppy app instantly during final enrollment.


We hope this article gave you an insight into how technology can positively make your preschool or childcare business standout at the same time improving the kids learning & development outcomes. Early years are crucial for growth, and we ensure that the child is presented with the very best.  Check out Whuppy’s services to help the child reach the best potential. Whuppy is the most loved childcare management app in South Africa by preschool owners, teachers and parents.  

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