Proven Strategies for Attracting Parents & Growing Your Preschool or Daycare Business

Like most businesses around South Africa, childcare centres (preschools, day cares, nurseries, playschools etc) have experienced disruptions of unprecedented proportions as a result of COVID-19. Though it maybe the case childcare services are still in demand from working parents and families in this post COVID-19 economy. Even in this “new” economy there are still plenty opportunities for childcare business to increase enrollment and grow as long they play according to the rules of the “new” economy.

In a 1 hour long session a Whuppy Specialist will take you through the proven strategies that other that other childcare businesses around the world are using to beat the effects of COVID-19.

Here is what you will learn:

  1.  Ideas for marketing childcare businesses to parents concerned about COVID-19
  2.  Ideas for leveraging resources and institutions around your childcare centre to reach more parents and families
  3. Ideas for increasing word of mouth marketing
  4. How Whuppy can help your childcare business to stand out from the competition & boosting parent satisfaction by 100%
  5. And much more
  6. SPECIAL BONUS GIFT: You will choose either to have a FREE website designed for your childcare business or a 60 seconds FREE promo video created for your childcare business

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