Receive updates about your child in real time

Wondering what your child is up to while in preschool? Parents love Whuppy because they never miss a moment with daily reports, real-time updates, photos and videos. 

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Invite your preschool or child care centre

Never miss those beautiful and memorable moments that happen at preschool or child care centre.

Daily updates

You get digital sheets, messages, videos pictures, and educational information on the Whuppy app. Its those little memories you miss whilst you at work.

Receive milestones & "WOW" moments

Teachers easily record student progress and developmental milestones and seamlessly share them with you with just a tap on the Whuppy platform.

Bridge the gap between home & preschool learning

Whuppy helps your child to bridge the gap between learning that happens at home and learning at preschool.

For parents, grandparents and the whole family

Share those beautiful moments with friends and family members including grandpa who lives far away

Record Activities

Easily receive recorded activities like naps, meals, bathroom breaks, mood, medication, notes, incident reports and much more right from the app.


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Here is some feedback from our clients

Our clients are our bread and butter and we go all the way to make sure they are satisfied with the service they get from Whuppy


98% of parents told us that they were more satisfied with the service & level of transparency they were receiving from the preschool or day care they were sending their children once it started using Whuppy.

Teachers & Owners

93% of teachers and owners say that they would recommend Whuppy


You are not the only one, check out some of our fequently asked questions below.

How does the Free Trial work?

No credit card required, No hidden fees, No catch and No nonsense. You get to try Whuppy for FREE.

Does Whuppy provide customer support?

Yes, our customers are our bread and butter so we go all the way to give amazing support you need to succeed

Are there any setup charges?

We provide the Whuppy childcare software without any setup charges.

Do you also provide support to parents as well?

Yes, they get the same amazing support you will also be getting.

What do I need to get started with Whuppy?

All you need is a  device that has access to wireless internet connection. We’ll take care of the rest!

Is my data secure?

The core of Whuppy App data resides with Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is one of the most secure and trusted data centers in the world. All your data is SSL encrypted and stored on secure servers with backups.

Can you import my data from another system that we use?

Yes. If you’re using administrative software, we can import your data into Whuppy. 

Does Whuppy provide training?

Yes, we provide training and support during the onboarding process and have additional material for further help.

How do I subscribe to WHUPPY?

Fill out the sign up form and we’ll get in touch with you to get you started!